Media Coverage

Press on pH-sensing gut bacteria

"Glowing Pains! Bioengineers create pH-sensing gut bacteria to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease"
Audio | National Science Foundation

Press on optogenetic control of gut bacteria

"Could Controlling Bacteria With Light Extend Your Lifespan?"
Article | JV Chamary

Rice News
"Light flips genetic switch in bacteria inside transparent worms"
Article | Jade Boyd

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
"Optogenetics Shows How the Microbiome Affects Longevity"

Press on tuning the sensitivity of bacterial two-component systems

Rice Bioengineering Newsletter
"FROM THE LAB: Sensor strategy a boon for synthetic biology"
[PDF] | Mike Williams

"Tuning Thresholds"
Article | Chris Lieu

Press on Kristina's Inflammation Sensing Paper

TechNews: Going with the Flow
BioTechniques, Vol. 62, No. 5 May 2017. DOI: 10.2144/000114543
[PDF] | Nathan Blow, PhD

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News did a great podcast on Kristina's paper. Check it out!
Podcast | John Sterling

NSF Science360 News
Top featured story on Science360 News

"Scientists Want to Use Color-Changing Rainbow Poop to Diagnose Your Bowel Problems"
Article | Andrew Liszewski

Press on LPA Paper

"Open Source Platform May Reduce Entry Barrier to Optogenetics Testing”

Science 360 News
"Lab creates open-source optogenetics hardware, software"
Featured as the “Top Story” on the Science 360 News home page.

"Open-source tool to put optogenetics in more labs"
Article | Jade Boyd - Rice University

ECN Magazine
"Rice U. Lab Creates Open-Source Optogenetics Hardware, Softwares"
Featured as the “Top Story” on the Science 360 News home page.
Article | Jade Boyd - Rice University

Yahoo Digital Trends
"Rice University bioengineers launch DIY kit for controlling cells with light"
Article | Dyllan Furness

Neuroscience News
"Researchers Develop Open Source Optogenetics Hardware and Software"
Article | Jade Boyd - Rice University

Image by Jeff Fitlow

Scientific American

Scientific American has just published a great article describing our Office of Naval Research-funded project to engineer synthetic probiotics to fight obesity and related disorders.

New Scientist

Our research into utilizing bacterial two-component systems as sensors for engineered probiotics was recently written up in the New Scientist article "Smart probiotics: Wiring friendly bacteria to take out disease" by Ed Yong.

Image by Brett Ryder

Business Insider

"Probiotics Could Provide A Powerful New Way To Fight Fat And Depression."

Los Angeles Times

"Bioengineer is working to make E. coli fight obesity, depression."

Outside Magazine

"Personalizing Probiotics."

"No bioengineered gut bacteria, no glory."

Kurzweil Al

"Rice bioengineering invents systems for 'genetic circuit analysis'."

"Bioengineers invent 'light tube array,' 'bioscilloscope' to test, debug genetic circuits."

NSF News

"Rice synthetic biologists shine light on genetic circuit analysis."

Rice News

"Rice synthetic biologists shine light on genetic circuit analysis." (Video)

Popular Science

How to Grow Your Own Photo.


"Decoding Synthetic Biology."

New York Times

"Live from the Lab, a Culture Worth a Thousand Words."


"Bacterial Films Turn to Photography."